“All my life, I’ve stayed at parties too long because I didn’t know when to go."

Liv Ullmann, c.1986


Greta Garbo, 1931, photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull

"Greta Garbo is sad. Not only in certain situations, for certain reasons. Greta Garbo’s beauty is beauty of suffering; she suffers life and all the surrounding world… . Greta Garbo’s beauty is a beauty which is in opposition to the world of today"  Bela Balázs


Break of Hearts, 1935


Sexual orientation: Gregory Peck’s Voice

Cate Blanchett as Jasmine French in Blue Jasmine, 2013


Vivien’s Blanche was certainly one of the most harrowing things I have ever seen in any theatre anywhere. In trying to tear at my heartstrings, she certainly tore at her own.

-Tennessee Williams


Henry Fonda and Bette Davis on set of “That Certain Woman” (1937)


Ninotchka taking her first sip of champagne.